Register and Connect Device to App

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Step 1

Open the App, new users will need to register a new account by clicking on the bottom right “Register” button.   

Please note that you will need to select the right area you are located in, for example, if you’re in Europe, you need to choose “Area” as Europe. If you’re in Australia, you need to choose “Area” as “Asia and Oceania”.

You also need to input a correct email address to ensure you can reset your password if needed.


Step 2

Complete the registration steps.

Step 3

After successful registration, login to the account, select ‘More’ > Device list > Add device, Click scan icon to scan the QR code on the GPS watch. 

Note: The Registration QR code is the 15-digit registration number found on the QR sticker on the box, it is not the IMEI barcode number


You can also follow this tutorial video:

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