Location Accuracy

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Location accuracy is generally based on a number of different elements.Our devices use wifi, they use GPS and they use, they can use also Bluetooth anchors. Accuracy generally falls down to one thing and that's reporting intervals. So the more rapid you have your device reporting the better accuracy and location you'll have from your device.

Now, this will also affect your battery life because the more locations and updates and requests that you have from your device, the more intense or more battery it uses - so it's always gonna be a balancing act between the two.

However, in an emergency, we always suggest using the boost mode or increasing the the reporting interval to a shorter amount

You can changing from a movement tracking or response mode to a, a live tracking and a short interval like 30 seconds. or use the boost mode which will do this automatically for you

Boost mode changes updated the location every 10-30 seconds for the duration of 3 minutes and then it will go back to its original it's original settings. This will ensure that your device will get a new satellite fix and a location update.

You can see the location updates and time stamp from within your app when you tap on the pin or from the web portal as well.

If you are not getting a location fix at all or if your location is Prahran, Melbourne, this means that you haven't had a first satellite fix. Generally the best option to do this is a reboot to turn the device on and off and then take the device for a little walk. You should see the device come online and update its location at this point.

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