How to increase the battery life

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Battery life is directly related to the settings that you have on your device. This article is for owners all the follwing devices: Spot Pet Tracker, Seek Pro, Guardian Watch, Seek, 4G Watch

Now, your device can last for as short as 4 to 6 hours or as long as 3 days, depending on the reporting interval. Operating modes that are more intensive will drain more battery.

If you have your device on live tracking mode and reporting every 10 seconds, this will drain the battery on your device significantly. The smaller the reporting interval, the more it affects the battery.

So, how can you save bettery?

You can increase the battery life by increasing the time between the location updates - reporting frequency and the mode

The most optimal mode to save battery is movement tracking mode. This will only update the location when the device is physically moving.

We also suggest changing the reporting interval between 5 and 50 minutes.

How to change movement tracking mode and reporting interval:

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This will significantly increase your battery life and should definitely last over a day depending on movement.

Other options are include response mode - location doesn't update until you request it - or deep sleep mode, which is generally used for special situations.

Note about Geofence

Now, this reporting interval will also affect your geofence. So if you have a 10 minute reporting interval and you have a geofence set, you can expect to get a notification with a 10 minute delay. It depends on where you have your GEO fence and at what time at last the device last reported.

So, what is the best option?

We always suggest to put the device on 5 or 10 minutes reporting on a movement tracking mode and when you need to get more rapid reporting or a geofence alert has gone off, you need to make sure that you have seen or you are looking at the right location stamp on your device, so you can use the boost mode.

Boost mode will put the device into an intensive reporting manner - during 3 minutes, the location will be updated every 10 or 30 seconds. After that, it goes back to it's previous mode. This will again drain your battery more, but it will ensure that the device will get you a good location. 

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