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Troubleshooting Location (iOS)

If you think that your device is showing the wrong location, or youโ€™re having problems requesting a location, follow these steps:๏ฟฝ\


Step 1

Open your app and go to "Modes" (second icon on the card)

Step 2

Change Tracking Mode to "Live Tracking" by tapping on it

Step 3

Change Tracking Interval to "Custom" and bring the slider all the way to the left (10 sec)

Step 4

Tap on "Update" button

Step 5

Once location has been updated, return to your original settings

Note: There is a popup that allows a time limit to send instructions to device. If the connection fails, tap on retry and wait. You can retyr up to 3 times, if it doesn't work please wait 5 minutes and try again