Steps on how to install your OWN SIM in Seek GPS(3G):

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023


Turn-off the device before removing the sim.

To turn-off, press on hold phone and SEEK button for 3-4 seconds (lights should goes off).

Once off, please remove the 3x rubber covers behind your SEEK GPS device.

You can unscrew to open the device, then you can see the sim tray.

Please install the new one that you have just received.

You can proceed to put all the screws back, then power on the device by pressing phone button.

Wait and note lights flashing on the side of the unit. 

SIM connection should be established within 2 minutes (If this can be done outside for a quick walk it would be preferable)

NOTE: This device is only compatible with the following sim cards:  

ALDI Mobile – RECOMMENDED Woolworths Mobile Telstra Boost Mobile   

Please email with the sim phone number and network provider once sim has been installed. 

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