SETUP GUIDE - Guardian Watch GPS

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

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Getting to know your device


Turning your device on/off


Turning it ON: Pess the CALL button for 1 second - all the LEDs should flash rapidly. The device can also be turned on automatically by charging via magnetic USB cable or put it into the docking station.


Turning it OFF: Pess and hold the both CALL button and the SOS button for 3 seconds - until the LEDs turn off.

Activating an SOS Alarm


When you need help, press the SOS button for 3-4 seconds till you hear a voice prompt of activating an SOS alarm. This starts the sequence of “help me!” text message being sent to your emergency contact numbers followed by the outgoing calls. You can use the side buttons +/- to adjust the sound volume during a call.

How does the sequence work?

If the device fails to connect to the first number, it will call the second number after delay of 10 seconds. In case the second number fails to be connected as well, the system will connect to the third number etc.

Between each call, it will have 10 seconds delay, during this time, user can stop call sequence or prevent a possible false alarm by pressing the SOS button. The receiver of the call can also stop call sequence by pressing 1 on their mobile phone during two way talking.

TIP: Remember to program emergency contact numbers. It is not mandatory for all ten authorized numbers to be set, however a minimum of one must always be set.

TIP 2: Be patient during the call sequence. There may be short delays, as the alarm calls phones who might be out of range or delivered to people’s voicemail.

Getting a GPS fix

To get an initial fix for the GPS features, use outdoors or near a window so the device can get a fix on the satellites. This could take few minutes according to your environment

Making a Two-way voice call


To make a call, press the side call button for 3 seconds and you will hear a beep, and then it will dial the second number.

To end the call, press the SOS button.

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