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Setting a geofence (iOS)

You can set a geofence in order to get an alert if the device come in and/or out of the defined zone. Follow these steps for Apple devices (iOS):


Step 1

Open your app and tap on "Geofence" (third icon on the card)

Step 2

Tap on the "Plus" button, on the lower right corner

Step 3

Define your geofence area by changing the radius with the slider - you can use the search bar to find a different center point. 

Step 4

Tap next

Step 5

Name your geofence (home, school, work, grandma's place, etc..)

Step 6

You can change when you get alerts (enter zone, exit zone or both), choose the devices for the geofence to be applied and who can get notified

Step 7

Choose the type of notification you wnat to get - app alerts, email and/or SMS

Step 8

Tap save - now you can see your new geofence on the list. You may add more by following the same steps

OBS: that GPS accuracy can be disrupted, particularly in bad weather, excess of trees or buildings around, or overnight. Usually the inaccurate 'blips' are only a few seconds, but if the device happens to locate itself right at that moment then you might get a false-alarm text alert. To prevent this from happening, it is best to adjust your Geofence size larger than your current radius.

Note: You can use custom chapes to define your geofence. Just tap on on the custom shape icon(1) and tap to add points (2). You can reset the shape with the reset button (3) and then press next (4).


Note 2: To delete a geofence, go you geofence list (1) slide the geofence to the left (2) and tap delete (3)