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Reboot Seek GPS

If your GPS is showing up in Melbourne it means that it hasn't got its first satellite location fix. To get your first location fix follow these steps:


Step 1

Turn your Seek GPS off. Do this by holding the Seek button (button on the front), and the call button (button on the side) down for four seconds. The lights on the side will turn off and the unit should vibrate.

Step 2

Go outside or ensure you are near a window. 

Step 3

Turn Seek GPS on. Do this by holding the call button on the side for one second. Lights should start flashing on the side. 

Step 4

Hold the SEEK button on the front for three seconds.

Your device should come online in a few minutes. If problems persist please email us on support@nuttag.com.au or call us on 1300 66 22 80.