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Location doesn’t seem accurate?

The device supports GPS tracking (Outdoor), Wi-Fi tracking (Outdoor and indoor), LBS tracking (Outdoor and indoor).

The primary difference between GPS and Wi-Fi locating technologies is in the method of gathering location data. 

GPS uses satellites that orbit around the Earth to triangulate a user's location, whereas Wi-Fi locating technology uses relative network signal strength gathered at network access points. 

GPS tracking is available in outdoor but not recommended for indoor. When the GPS watch doesn’t find a GPS signal, it will use Wi-Fi or LBS tracking. 

Wi-Fi tracking is better for indoor comparing with LBS tracking.  

Positioning accuracy:

  1.  GPS/AGPS: 5-15m
  2.  WIFI:15-100m
  3.  LBS:100-1000m

Reasons for inaccuracy:

  1. If GPS tracker is indoors, it will now have a clear line of sight with at least three GPS satellites.  
  2. The environment around GPS tracker plays a big part in its accuracy if there are objects or environmental obstructions such as mountains, tin roofs, buildings or even heavy tree cover can affect the connection to a satellite.
  3. GPS interval is not properly set. Please ensure you have set your GPS positioning interval; 1 minute, 10 minutes or 1 hour. 

NOTE: In order to save battery power, if the tracker is not moving, it will not upload data positioning to the APP.

Request location: Use the ‘Locate’ button in the app to request a live location position to be sent to the app.