Installing your own SIM card

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

We have a step by step guide and a tutorial video available.

Step 1

Loosen all 4 (four) screws from the back of the device.


Step 2

Open device


Step 3

Push the metal SIM card holder down and open it - you'll hear a click when it unlocks


Step 4

Position the SIM card - make sure it's a NANO SIM card - with the metal side facing down


Step 5

Close SIM card metal gate and push it up to lock - you'll hear a click when it locks


Step 6

Close the device, tighten the screws and put the rubber cover on top of each screw


Once done installing sim card, please reboot your device and send SMS command to the phone number of your newly installed sim card. Refer to the image below: 

NOTE: DATA ONLY sims are NOT RECOMMENDED_______________

Each network provider has its own APN settings, refer below for the correct APN settings: 

ALDI Mobile --->  

 Woolworths Mobile --->  

Telstra ---> telstra.internet  

Boost Mobile --> Boost_Mobile 


 Alternatively you can watch the video:

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