GPS tracker APN settings

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

The APN is what will allow the watch to connect to your SIMs mobile service data network. The watch needs this data to connect to your app.          

If the APN is not set, the Watch can still call, receive calls, send and receive SMS, but the APP will show the device’s status as “Offline”.

Generally, there is no need to manually set the APN, however if the tracker has never been online, please contact your SIM card operator or check the website of the SIM card for the APN information. 

Set APN: 

To set the APN on the watch, send the below SMS command to the watch:  

pw,123456,apn,(APN NAME),,,50501#

For example: For ALDI Mobile the APN name is “”, so you would send “pw,123456,APN,,,,50501#”

If command is successful you should have a return SMS that will read: “Set apn,oran,,,73002 is succesful”

Common Australian APN based on network providers:

  • ALDI Mobile -
  • Vodafone -
  • Telstra - telstra.internet
  • Optus - Yesinternet
  • Boost Mobile - Boost_Mobile
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