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Focus, Pro & Find 3 Setup

Our tags are designed to suit your lifestyle so it's important that you complete the next steps carefully, set and forget and be sure - You'll find it!

Let's get started by downloading the Nut find app on your phone. Please search "nut find" in either the App Store or Google Play.


Step 1

Download our app to your phone or device by searching “Nut” in the Google Play or App Store

Step 2

Open the app and tap on sign up

Step 3

You can use either your phone number or email. To use your phone number, type your number and then tap on "Acquire" to receive verification code. Enter code, create your password then tap "Done" 


Step 4

To add your device, tap on the "Plus" button

Step 5

Choose your device from the list

Step 6

Hold down the button on the face of the NutTag. The Tag will then make a sound and a light will appear. Your app will now be able to see the Tag, so tap next.


Step 7

Bring your device close to your phone while still holding down the button on the tag 

Step 8

Select your device from the list to pair it

Step 9

Choose a name for your device and what it's tracking. Tap on "Done".

Once done please don't forget to activate your warranty on this link

You can also follow this video: