Focus, Pro & Find 3 Setup

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Our tags are designed to suit your lifestyle so it's important that you complete the next steps carefully, set and forget and be sure - You'll find it!

Let's get started by downloading the Nut find app on your phone. Please search "nut find" in either the App Store or Google Play.


Step 1

Download our app to your phone or device by searching “Nut” in the Google Play or App Store

You can also tap here for iOS or here for Android to go directly to the app and download.

Step 2

Open the app and tap on "start". A popup will also appear to allow the app to access Bluetooth - Tap "Ok" to allow the connection.

Step 3

Tap on "next", if you've already given bluetooth permission, you'll see the next screen, if not, tap "Ok" when the popup appears


Step 4

Tap "next" and then tap "Allow" on the notifications popup

Step 5

Tap "next" and then tap "Allow Once" on the location popup

Step 6

Tap "next"


Step 7

On your settings, tap on "Location" and then change your permission to "Always"

Step 8

Choose your device from the list 

Step 9

Long press the button on your device and tap "Next"


Step 10

Bring your device close to your phone while still holding down the button on the tag. You may need to rpess and hold again if your device is not found.

Step 11

Select your device from the list to pair it

Step 12

Choose a name for your device and what it's tracking. Tap on "Done".

Once done please don't forget to activate your warranty on this link

You can also follow this video:

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