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Find Location History

You can┬áaccess your location history┬ávia the web portal(my.nuttag.com.au) or from within your app. 

App Location History

Step 1

Open your app

Step 2

Tap on your GPS device card and this will take you to the device profile

Step 3

Then tap on the "History" button on the right hand side

Portal Location History

Step 1

Visit my.nuttag.com.au

Step 2


Step 3

Click on the "Manage" button in the sidebar

Step 3

3. Click on the "Manage" button in the sidebar.

Step 4

Select the second tag 'History'

Step 5

Select your start and end date and time 

Step 6

Click "Search"

Step 7

If you require the data in CSV you can click the "Download" button on the top of the table on the right