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Calling & Messaging


To send SOS voice call to phone numbers, set the desired phone numbers in the app (how do I add SOS numbers?). The Watch can dial any number in the app / Settings/ Phonebook and talk to another phone.

Only authorized phone numbers on the app's Phonebook can call the watch, you can also set the watch to answer automatically.



The Watch can receive a short text message sent by APP, but cannot send a text message from Watch (only audio messages). 

  1. Send message App to Watch: Tap on the "Chat/voice" icon (bottom left on the main screen). Voice, short text messages and pictures can be sent.
  2. Send message from Watch to App: Tap on the microphone icon on the Watch or select WeChat - holding down the talk button to speak - release your finger to complete the recording. In the voice talk screen, by click on "+" the user can also take photos to APP
  3. Call dialing: Tap on the phone icon in the GPS watch, enter phone numbers manually, the telephone dial-out.